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In light of COVID-19, we’re also posting live music streaming events that take place in the region.

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Merritt Live Music Venues

Merritt Live Music Venues

Live music venues, wedding venues, and many other performance venues are scattered throughout Merritt and the surrounding farmland. If you’re looking for a rustic country feel, there’s an outdoor venue for that. Or maybe you want that cafe or pub-style night out at a bar with live music, you’ll find it in Merritt.

With the rodeo grounds, arenas, ranches, parks, and even a bakery that occasionally features live performers, this is the town to come for all things music and events. Just pick your style of venue, and you’re sure to find it here!

Venues in Merritt

Western guest ranch featuring dances and live music events & entertainment.

A-P Ranch

Copper Country Stage in Aldelphi Hotel Pub

Adelphi Hotel & Pub and Copper Country Stage


Adelphi Hotel & Pub features musicians and bands on their Copper Country Stage.

Merritt is the Canadian Country Music Captial of Canada

Bluebird Coffee House - Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame


Merritt is is the Country Music Capital of Canada and is home to the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and its Bluebird Coffee House.

Summer Hours

June 1 - September 30
Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 4 pm

Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame

Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame


The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in Merritt, BC is Canada's most recent addition to the stage of national attractions!   It's a great fit.

Merritt BC & Coldwater Fields

Coldwater Fields Festival Grounds


Festivals, Weddings, Music, Sports, Yoga and much more to offer. Rolling hills located 2.5 hours drive from Vancouver and a 45-minute drive from Kamloops. Always sunny and warm and dry.

Culture Club hosts all types of music for all ages.

Culture Club


Culture Club supporting live music for the young and old, from local to international, all types of music and events.