We’re including Live Music Streaming!

In light of COVID-19, we’re also posting live music streaming events that take place in the region.

If planning to stream your live performance, please let us know a, please let us know at info@bcsbestlivemusic.ca and we’ll post it on this site.

We’re here to support you.

Walhachin Live Music Events

Walhachin Live Music Events

Events in Walhachin include the annual Walhachindig. Live music and tons of history are going to keep you entertained and wanting to come back next year.

Come visit this small town 10 km west of Kamloops Lake! And make sure to take a look at our calendar so you know when the “chindig” is going down!

Upcoming Live Music Events in Walhachin

The are currently no events scheduled in this community. Please check back later!