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In light of COVID-19, we’re also posting live music streaming events that take place in the region.

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70 Mile House Live Music Venues

70 Mile House Live Music Venues

If you want live music venues in 70 Mile House or bars with live music that can also quench your thirst, there’s a pub for that! Or perhaps you’re looking for wedding venues or event venues that are different than your typical ballrooms - there’s a beautiful B&B tucked away on the end of Green Lake that is nothing short of beautiful.

Outdoor venues and performance venues are just around the bend! Make sure to keep 70 Mile House on your list of places to check out for enjoyment and for hosting your next special event!

Venues in 70 Mile House

70 Mile House Community Hall

70 Mile House Community Hall

70 Mile House

Community hall located in the historic location of 70 Mile House.

70 Mile House is situated on Highway 97 in the Cariboo region. Its name is derived from its distance from Lillooet, which was Mile 0 of the Old Cariboo Road.